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Energy saving type fiber module in the field of electric furnace fire resistance

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Pull the vacuum flat belt, Shandong Bowen high temperature materials Co., Ltd. specializing in the production of ceramic fiber cotton, blanket, carpet, plate, cloth, rope, etc.; aluminum silicate fiber; cement rotary kiln insulation board; all kinds of heat treatment furnace fiber insulation; brick tunnel kiln ceiling construction; industrial furnace full fiber insulation; castable high temperature glue; lightweight refractory and thermal insulation materials; ceramic fiber folding module block; ceramic fiber tube shell, cast crossing and other special-shaped products, mold, block group of plate; a variety of 304 and 310 anchor; routine and special module, folded pieces; lining design; fire; material technical guidance; lining material; rock wool; asbestos; glass fiber; slag wool; release paper. My company to undertake a variety of high temperature equipment, product customization, insulation technical advisory guidance, construction and renovation project.
Bowen ceramic fiber product description block:
To accelerate and simple kiln construction, improve the integrity of the lining and the production of alternative to traditional heavy refractory new refractory products, and promote the furnace lining technology progress.
Anchor: fiber group block special anchor in fiber block of cold, its structure is determined in insulation material, furnace atmosphere and fiber combination block structure and insulation parts. The structure includes a special module angle anchor, rhombus anchor firmware and air hanging anchor firmware, butterfly shaped anchor, corner type anchor; folded pieces of herringbone frame anchor; U-shaped nail, flash card, card turns through reinforcement, a screw rod, a nut, a V-shaped nail. Material physical indicators: 1, 1Cr18Ni9Ti 2, 0Cr18Ni9Ti 3, Cr25Ni20
Product features:
Excellent thermal stability; excellent chemical stability; excellent thermal stability and thermal shock resistance; excellent elasticity, the module is pre pressure condition, after lining, the expansion of the module to enable seamless lining and compensate for fiber lining contract, to improve the thermal insulation performance of fiber lining, good overall performance; ceramic fiber module fast installation, anchor set in the wall lining noodles, reduce anchor material requirements. According to different types of customers to carry out heat insulation design and construction.
Typical applications:
Metallurgical industry furnace lining insulation; heat treatment industry furnace lining insulation; ceramics, glass, tile tunnel kiln building materials industry furnace lining insulation; petroleum chemical industry furnace lining insulation; other industrial furnace lining.
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