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Definition of high temperature electric furnace and its annealing practice for o

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And the electrical components, such as less damage, so that no maintenance or less maintenance.
Although so far, the detection instrument and PLC transmitter, converter are not damaged, but not equal to not bad, if one day the damage of components, spare parts supply cycle is long, and therefore should have a certain degree of spare parts.
Design of electric heating furnace for making acid gas Zuo Hongyi (Daye Daye Non-Ferrous Metals Co smelter, Huangshi Hubei 435005) [Abstract] this paper presents the design, manufacture and operation of the SO flue gas electric heating furnace.
Copper smelter sulphuric acid system due to the raw flue gas volume and the concentration fluctuated with changes in the smelting cycle, in order to ensure the flue gas temperature of the acid conversion section using electric heating furnace temperature compensation become more commonly used means of flue gas so. I plant Nowland Cu smelter acid system is equipped with two sets of purchased electric heating furnace. In the use of multiple tropical fuse, insulation porcelain pieces of a large number of rupture and other failures, one of which was forced to use less than a year to be updated. Summing up the experience in the field, we have designed a 800kW electric heating furnace.
In the design, the parts of the fault location and unreasonable structure are improved.
1 furnace type selection of flue gas electric heating furnace with the top of the door and the side wall door open two common forms. Top open type in rectangular furnace body is arranged on the surface of the area angle steel flange welding furnace door, rectangular furnace cover use a stud and flange connection. The inner wall of the furnace refractory lining, the electric component frame supported on a refractory brick, hanging in the furnace body. It is characterized in that the structure is simple, but maintenance must be damaging the furnace cover and the angle steel flange insulation layer, lift the lid, lift a framework of electric heating components can be. And due to the larger size of the rectangular flange, working at 400 C above the temperature of the air leakage, sealing performance is poor. Side door type furnace on one side wall of the furnace body according to need to set a plurality of door, electric heating component framework groups (generally 3 group supported on the car frame, from the door is easy to push, pull, check, convenient maintenance, due to the small size of the door, good sealing performance. Compared with the self-made electric heating furnace, the choice of the side door type.
2 process calculation 2.1 process conditions medium: dry SO flue gas inlet flue gas volume: 5.5 x 10 /h (standard condition) exit smoke temperature: 430 degrees Celsius flue gas SO 2.2 process calculation, the choice of electric heating furnace flue gas flow rate is reasonable. The flue gas velocity of the electric heating furnace is slightly higher than that of the pipe, the heat transfer coefficient is higher, the resistance is reasonable, and the furnace body size is also more compact. The calculation can be carried out simply by the heat balance of the flue gas and the heating element, but no reliable calculation is carried out in detail. In addition, in order to ensure long life and reliable operation of the electric heating element, the temperature of the heating element is necessary to check the temperature of the heating element.
Calculation results are as follows: flue gas constant pressure specific heat of flue gas temperature 425 DEG C): flue gas temperature of 30 DEG C when the supplement calories: flue gas velocity v =25m/s computing power: n =631kW electric heating element operating temperature: T=817 DEG C furnace body insulation thickness calculation: safety coefficient of delta =200mm (aluminum silicate fiber, the outer wall temperature is less than or equal to 60 DEG C): 1.26 electric heating element 100kW for group 1, a total of eight groups, when the group 1 electric malfunction, electric heating can also meet the temperature compensation requirements.
The traditional form of the 3.1 furnace side door type furnace body structure design of 3 rectangular shell for Q235 plate and thin stainless steel structure. Thermal insulation material is filled between the steel shell and the inner liner, the design and manufacture of thin stainless steel liner welding equipment for non-ferrous - 2000.3 supporting frame, the structure is complex, difficult welding. The electric furnace shell of our factory is designed to be a single coil welding Q235 steel plate cylinder, which is easy to manufacture and has high strength. The flue gas is not a short circuit, in the two groups of electric heating elements, the car round furnace body design circle missing air baffle and the section into a rectangular, the baffle plate also on the furnace body itself strengthen. Furnace insulation continuous construction, open door maintenance will not damage to the insulating layer. Compared with the traditional furnace body, the cost can be reduced by 40 furnace body section, and the section of the furnace body can be reduced by 1.
The electric heating furnace door without the use of quick opening seal welded form, convex and concave surface. Actually, due to death of a member of the corrosion rust, not only can not quick opening and sealing convex and concave effect is not ideal, once the smoke leakage, do not open the door to handle packing. I plant the electric heating furnace door with flange, its biggest advantage is no parking, no open door can handle packing.
The connection column of the heating assembly and the power line is extremely difficult to be handled in the furnace body. I plant furnace using 2 structure, a reliable solution to the sub terminal insulation, sealing problems. It is worth mentioning is insulated and steel pipe between filling material used is easy to get a kind of mortar, the electric heating furnace and long-term inspection work, the clay does not crack, the seal is reliable.
3.2 electric heating assembly trolley side door electric heating furnace is usually composed of a plurality of supporting electric heating elements together, and the lower part is mounted on the wheel to form an electric heating component trolley. The electric heating component trolley is arranged in the lower part of the furnace body and can be conveniently in and out of the furnace body. This car is the carrier of the electric heating element, it should not be deformed under the working temperature of the electric heating furnace. Framework was used hollow square steel, welding or casting framework casting framework due to design or manufacturing defects in the use of deformation and fracture. The design of the absorption of hollow square steel structure advantages, using the angle of the welded T section to replace the steel, easy material.
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