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Energy saving and consumption reducing technology in electric arc furnace

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Arc furnace with high efficiency, good raw materials, short process, low energy consumption, all kinds of smelting products, good quality characteristics have been widely used. Domestic steel enterprises generally adopt the following measures to make the arc furnace energy saving and consumption reduction.
1, the structure of raw materials
The structure of raw materials has a direct influence on the composition of energy consumption in the electric arc furnace. There measure:
1) hot and hot metal
In the raw materials structure of the electric arc furnace with hot metal, molten iron into large amounts of carbon, melting and oxidation stage make full use of oxygen decarburization material heating, ahead of the end of the melting period, soon entered oxidation period, the decarburization rate was significantly higher than that of the traditional process, which can shorten the smelting time.
2) science charge
The loading position is arranged at the bottom of the science: some small materials, half of the total amount of small material. The lower part of the charging basket is installed in the center of all the star anise. Aniseed between filled with small material, improve the packing density of a basket. Medium sized material installed in the above and around the aniseed. Top of the top to put the rest of the small material.
If there is iron burden, it should be installed in the above or below the electrode material. If equipped with a high melting point alloy furnace, ferrotungsten, ferromolybdenum should be installed in the high temperature zone around the arc.
2, to strengthen the oxygen supply
With oxygen generation, enhanced oxygen supply is a great progress of modern electric arc furnace smelting technology. Specific measures are: in the smelting process and heating elements, such as pulverized coal, coke, block electrode, and increase the oxygen lance in the furnace door, a furnace wall, burner, adding in the smelting process of chemical oxidation heat, part of the implementation to oxygen generation of electricity, or even a negative energy steel-making.
3, scrap preheating
Using electric arc furnace smelting process of flue gas and dust with a lot of physical heat can achieve scrap preheating, the scrap preheating can effectively improve the recovery rate of the metal, reducing smelting arc. In addition to the dust in the preheated scrap at the same time also has the filtration function, to some extent reduce the pressure of the dust removal system.
4, power supply control
The electric arc furnace should adopt the power supply system of high voltage, long arc, high power factor ". Specific: Based on the safe, stable and efficient operation, select the power curve of the electrical operating point, the apparent power of S5, process optimization
It is suggested that the production process is controlled by the computer, so that the variable factors are less and the process is controllable. Avoid due to scheduling is not smooth due to pressure in furnace, resulting in tapping process in molten steel repeated heating, resulting in a waste of energy.
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